List of Top Cheapest Energy Suppliers In The UK

List of Top Cheapest Energy Suppliers In The UK

When you relocate abroad, you frequently discover that your energy costs are more than your usage. And you question why? Ironically, locating the most affordable energy providers and evaluating their prices may drain your energy. But from there, it is a rather straightforward path after you have decided which energy you want to consume and from which supplier. Your energy use is primarily made up of your gas, electricity, and broadband bills. Your local area and the leading energy supplier there will also affect your energy costs. Before moving into a new home, you should determine whether your gas and electricity are included in the rent or whether you must purchase them separately.

The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets (Ofgem) claims that the present energy costs are the highest they have ever been. The energy price cap limits the amount that energy companies may bill for a unit of energy. Charges are now restricted at £1,971 for a typical household. In the winter of the previous year, it was £1,227. The cap will increase to £2,500 per year for the average household on October 1st, 2022. This cap will be in effect for the next two years. The only fees that fall under the price cap are unit rates and standing costs. You will pay a different sum depending on how much gas and electricity you use. Since everyone is boosting their prices, it is tough to find the lowest energy providers right now. It is typically advisable to stick with your existing supplier because it is doubtful that you will locate a less expensive supplier at this time.

Cheapest Energy Suppliers In The UK

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The following locations offer the most affordable gas and electricity for your home:

Utility Warehouse

There is one exemption even though the majority of suppliers are currently charging the price cap. Utility Warehouse offers electricity at a lower cost than the Energy Price Guarantee offered by the government. As a result, Utility Warehouse can be considered to be among the cheapest energy providers. However, if you join up for another service with them, you can save even more money on your energy. This can apply to broadband, mobile, or insurance. Even though you might be working with another supplier, it is still beneficial to get a price and compare it to your current tariff.

Octopus Energy

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One of the least expensive energy providers is Octopus Energy, a British renewable energy firm. It is becoming more well-known for producing tomorrow’s sustainable energy system and for providing 100% green electricity. In order to pass the savings on to customers, the corporation keeps its expenses lower than those of other energy providers. They claim to be the fastest energy suppliers to respond to any client inquiry, and their company is centered on providing excellent customer service. Most customers think that Octopus Energy’s plain pricing is more cheap than that of the “Big Six” energy suppliers. Octopus Energy offers both fixed and variable prices. If you decide to change your mind later, Octopus won’t charge you any exit expenses. Due to its straightforward communication and honesty, it is building a base of devoted clients.

British Gas

In the UK, British Gas offers both energy and residential services. It is one of the most affordable energy providers and provides a variety of rates, including fixed prices, green tariffs, tariffs for electric vehicles, etc. It offers fixed-rate service at a cost that is less than the Energy Price Guarantee. Because your unit rates and standing costs will be set for the term of your contract, you may rest well knowing that. It indicates that the unit rate you pay won’t vary despite fluctuations in energy prices. However, there is no harm in asking them for an energy quote.

EDF Energy

A major supplier to Great Britain, EDF Energy is a division of the French government-owned EDF. Additionally, it uses nuclear, solar, and wind energy to provide carbon-free electricity. All of their fixed home energy clients automatically receive zero-carbon electricity. They are dedicated to utilizing renewable technologies and making investments in low-carbon energy. According to EDF, clients are generally satisfied with the precision and clarity of their bills. If being environmentally friendly is important to you, this will be one of the most affordable energy providers.


Once you know exactly what you’re looking for, finding cheap energy offers is not that difficult. The lowest power supplier is preferable when you first start out because it will be better for you in the long run with the rising cost of energy. There are only a few inexpensive energy suppliers, and you must choose from the top four or five whether you’re looking for green electricity, sustainable energy, or renewable energy. Going paperless, making sure you aren’t paying for the previous tenant, selecting a dual fuel tariff, choosing fixed tariffs, etc. are other ways to reduce your energy costs. Maintaining your expenses requires cutting your energy costs, so pick your supplier carefully.


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