[Single] D4DJ: Peaky P-key - DO-OR-DIE Download MP3 320K/FLAC 24/48/HI-RES

D4DJ: Peaky P-key – DO-OR-DIE

D4DJ Groovy Mix: Peaky P-key – DO-OR-DIE

Peaky P-key are Kyoko Yamate (CV. Aimi), Shinobu Inuyose (CV. Miyu Takagi), Yuka Jennifer Sasago (CV. Moeka Koizumi), Esora Shimizu (CV. Reo Kurachi)

“Peaky P-key”, a high school student unit that boasts immovable popularity, appears in Bushiroad’s “DJ”-themed media mix project “D4DJ”. A mini album from Peaky P-key, a DJ unit that pushes on the royal road with the belief of delivering the best music and time to the audience!! M2 wrote “Let’s do it!” for D4DJ D4 FES. LIVE -ALL IN- held in May 2022, and M3 is producing Peaky P-key music. Supervised by Elements Garden, M4’s remix was supervised by Hifumi, Inc., who is in charge of producing music for Photon Maiden, and M5 was remixed by Motsu, who has a deep connection with Peaky P-key. It is a single piece with a concept. The unit music producer is Noriyasu Uematsu (Elements Garden), who has worked on numerous songs. (C)RS

Song Details

Artist D4DJ Groovy Mix
Audio Format MP3 320kbps / RAR / ZIP
Release Date December 21th, 2022
File Password jpopmix

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1. One’s Believing
2. Let’s do it!
3. ABSOLUTE (EG Remix)
4. Wish You Luck (KAN TAKAHIKO Remix)
5. Let’s do the ‘Big-Bang!’ (Motsu Cyber Choir Remix)