Investigation into the Dating Billing Format 2022/2023 – Dating Format

Dating Billing Format 2022/2023 - Dating Format

Dating Billing Format 2022/2023 – Dating Format

I made it a life’s adventure to uncover unsafe internet activities such as the dating billing format that are taking over your favourite dating apps. You’ve probably not heard about it, or you only heard about “romance scam”—dating billing is just one of the aspects.

The typical scammer looking for a yahoo format that would help them bill clients uses the dating billing format, also known as the dating format 419. This scam format relies on dating or a scammer pretending to be your intimate match and then ripping your funds.

After I busted how scammers start a yahoo business, two of my readers sent emails regarding how scammers convince their clients to send money to them. In my response email, I emphasized that scammers consider the yahoo format for dating as the best method for “convincing” since it appeals to intimate emotions.

Following my research, the dating billing format is the simplest format yahoo boys use to collect money from client (like yourself). This happens after the scammer manipulates you to become attached to them. Most of the time, some clients who can no longer say “No” to certain requests are left victimized.

The basic truth is that you have to be smart when searching for an intimate partner online (via dating apps) so that the dating billing format is not used successfully on you.

How scammers use the Dating Billing Format

This website contains all the tricks you need to spot romance scammers, so ensure to come around often for new revelations. You can also get your detective friend to explain some of the latest things yahoo scammers do today. That way, you know the specific yahoo format that’ll likely be used and then decide whether to play along with the dating format which is the billing format for yahoo, or report/block the con artist right away.

How scammers use the Dating Billing Format

Usually, the scammer goes to a social network like Myspace and then searches for pictures of a military man they can impersonate. They could search for a black American military man with lots of picture collections Google and other search engines can’t index and make viewable to the general public.

Next, the con man registers on a dating site like Seniorpeoplemeet, Tinder, Badoo, etc., and then changes their IP using a VPN to stay anonymous. Of course, they are careful when filling the fake profile—the fake profile is set up naturally like any legit profile.

The com artist may then set their location to be Iraq or Ukraine or any country where active military service is required.


Scammers usually have an app known as the cloning App. The purpose of this app is to help the scammer fake a video call. But most of the time, a scammer will do anything to make sure that their client does not request a phone or video call.

How a Scammer Approaches their Client

I’ve uncovered during my research work that the average con man targets women around 45 – 60 years since they won’t have the time for lengthy interrogation and all. Next, the scammer sends her a personal message introducing themselves and the military profession. The belief is that older women prefer when their potential date is a soldier helping to defend the country and the world at large. Unfortunately, you can’t tell a fake dating profile using the name since scammers carefully pick names like Wayne Jackson, Patrick Lloyd, etc., which are already common.

Moving the client to Google Hangout

My encounter with a romance scammer using the dating billing format was an interesting one. So, the moment the con man had me on Tinder, they managed to switch me over to Google Hangout.

Note: I was just playing along!

Normally, sites like Tinder will suspend an account they believe is a scam. This is the reason the average scammer must move you away from the specific dating app so they don’t lose both the account and the client. Besides, on Tinder, for instance, it can be tough to bypass the verification.

Note that the name on their Google hangout is always the same as the name on the dating app (for instance, “Wayne Jackson”) so there’s no suspicion on your side. The scammer will also make sure that the email picture they use is also the same to erase any form of suspicion that would make their client not believe them.

With hangout, a scammer is able to keep in communication with their client without the fear of getting banned by the dating site (if you manage to spot them and try to report them).

The chatting stage

After a couple of emails, the scammer will manage to become so close and attached to you like a legitimate match. They’d tell you that they are a widower and lost their wife in an accident (if you’re a female). They could also tell you that they registered on the dating site after their sister or any close relative advised them to find love once again.

After about a month, they’d start asking you for money. Their reason could be that their account was hacked and used for fraud while they were at work.

If you happen to ask the scammer why they couldn’t return to the US and sort it out, they may say that they couldn’t leave the camp after heavy gunfire in their army base.

Next, the scammer will prepare some FAKE bank statements, which they send to you to make the whole fraud seem legit. It’s not hard to fake bank statement though. In my case, I had $50 to spare, so I sent $50 for the scammer to cash out via Western Union. That wasn’t enough, so the scammer tried introducing another dating billing format to make me send more money, this time with a different excuse about needing registration fees.

The Next Billing Dating Format for Yahoo

After some weeks, the scammer may tell you that they are ready to leave the army because they just lost their closest friend on the war front and are too traumatized to continue. They’d notify you that they have made plans to set up a business like an auto shop, and would love to own it in your name. They’ll simply ask you to invest in the business while they run it.

After some months of keeping up conversations, the scammer will explain the fake business plans to you, or even say they have moved to Japan to finalize the business with other investors. They’d even explain that they have already made half of the payments and need to complete the payments or their goods could be seized.

A scammer can ask for as much as $10,000 to complete payment. With no regard for how you’d get the money, they just expect you to send the money so they can cash out via western union.

How scammers Use the Billing Dating Format for Yahoo

Creating a fake profile

A scammer will first create a fake profile with the picture of a soldier to succeed with the dating billing format. Soldiers don’t have access to things like phones all the time so that may discourage you from asking for a video call or phone call.

If you insist, the scammer can say that their commanding officer will punish them for breaking camp rules.

Using a VPN

A VPN will enable a scammer to visit any website undetected. Most of these dating sites don’t accept countries outside of the US. So if a scammer resides outside the US, they use a VPN to block or change their IP address.

Using the Grammarly App

If a scammer’s English is pretty poor, download the Grammarly app to help them get rid of errors in their English grammar. They’ll also strive to avoid words like using “ur” instead of “your”, which can blow their cover.

Also, note that a scammer will always try to be in charge of the conversation when enabling the format to work.

The Gold Format for Yahoo 2022 – Investigating Method

Dating Format Message for Woman to Man

Let Trust Each Other
Hello My Dear,
Thanks, I am so pleased to read your reply, it has warmed my heart and I am
Hoping to get to always hear from you…Babe, I want you to know been
faithful, focused, honest, trust can only make a dream come true, and I want you
to have the faith, and focus on this relationship, My love, I don’t want you to
have an evil mind or have a negative mind in this relationship, I want you to
give this relationship a try with faith, focus and good thought, and good
wishes and see what the future will lead us, I promise you will be the
the happiest man on earth, My love, I want you to know I am looking for a man that
will love me for who am I not because of beauty, A man that will always take
reasonable care of me, and I want to know you can take good care of me and
love me as well, My love I want you to know I don’t cheat or lie, and I promise
I will never let you down, and I want you to know things is rough for me here
and My mom remains for me, and she is aged. she means a lot to me, and I want
you to know I am looking for a man that will be there for me through thick and
thin as I will always do, I just want to know you can take good care of me
as well, I want you to know trust and honesty are very important in a
relationship and I believe is the only way to success How are you
doing and your family?

Above is a typical dating format message that a male posing scammer will send to a female looking to find an intimate match.

A Sample Dating Format for Man

When using the dating format for a man to scam a woman, there are several things a scammer considers (following my research). A con man understands that people don’t pay attention to these simple things that can expose them, and this includes every bit of detail.

A scammer also understands that dating an older woman means fewer demands. So, a scammer can tell you that their age is 55 years if yours is 53 years. This is to make them seem older than you are so that you can easily trust them to marry you.

A scammer may even ask you about the following to help them know how to scam you:

1 what you like in a man;
2 your dream vacation country;
3 your wishes; and
4 things you would love to accomplish if you get the opportunity.

All these are things they ask you to make sure they know the kind of person you are and the things you like. If you tell them, for instance, that you would love to visit Japan in your lifetime, the con artist will say that their proposed business is what will take you to Japan (if only you invest the money they need).

How to Use the Dating Format for Man to Woman

So, I recently asked an innocent question on a public forum about why dating scammers prefer the dating format for man to woman. Of course, I received lots of possibly true responses (from people who have experienced the scam at some point) as well as speculations.

Choose an Elderly Man that Wants to Get Married

Well, the reason is that a woman client wants someone they can see as mature and elderly. Even when a scammer asks you for money, they believe you won’t think they want to spend it on nonsense. As such, I deduced from my long-standing research that yahoo boys would rather find and impersonate a man of 55 years or above, and make sure they target women of 50 years and above.

The reason is that older people don’t always have the time to start verifying stuff on the internet. Scammers also believe that most of the older ones are working class, so they have money more than the younger ones.

Using Secret War Agent, Not Soldier

According to my research, using an “I am a soldier” has been overused, so scammers are moving away from using “I’m a soldier”. Instead, they can tell you that they are working as a secret war agent in Syria or Libya, or any crime-infested country. As such, the scammer could go on to claim they don’t have enough chances for pictures and Videos, and are certain you’d understand the situation as an older person due to your maturity.

Don’t ask for money till after 3 months

If a scammer is using the dating format for man to woman, they make sure they don’t bill the client until after 3 months. They don’t worry about using the dating billing format until that time.

Don’t Always be Available Online

A scammer also understands that telling the client that they are a soldier, but always being seen online every day forces the client not to believe them.

If a com artist is using Whatsapp to chat with you, they always remove their last seen and online status; it will make you believe that they are always busy. This is another powerful way to use the dating billing format for your clients.

Bill Her with “Help me Come Back Message.”

This is where the scammer can now use the dating format for Yahoo to bill their client. They will tell you that they want to see you, but that the camp won’t allow them to come back unless you bribe their commander.

If you ask them, “why you don’t have money?” The scammer may tell that they always give their money to charity and that payday is actually far from now and they can’t wait. They’d inform you that they are attacking their camp badly and that they need to move away from that location.

A scammer could also tell you that their life is in danger if they continue staying there – due to intense fire from the enemy. This could be enough to incite your emotions in a bid to see them to safety. Once you send the money, the scammer is gone and probably never gets back to you or introduces further excuses to get more money from you.

Menstruation Billing Format 2022

Dating Format for Woman to Man

According to my findings, when we talk about the dating format for woman to man, it’s assumed that a scammer pretends to be a woman while their target is a man. This is quite common because many people also use this same format. They register on dating sites and pretend to be a woman instead of a man. I will show you some ways scammers have used the dating format for woman to man.

Register on a Dating Site or Facebook

I have already listed some of the dating sites where con men sign up to find real men looking to date women. In this situation, the con is a “Catfish”. If they are using the woman to man yahoo dating format, they usually learn how to catfish a man for money. Catfishing means pretending to be someone you aren’t, to scam or dupe another person.

Set up your profile

I have already explained how to set up a profile and make it look real, after a deep search online and this would make men approach the scammer, believing that they are real. So they’d take time to set up their fake profile to look real.

Let Them Come to You

On dating platforms, a scammer can like your pictures but never will be the first to say “Hi”. They wait for you (the potential victim) to be the one making efforts to get them. The scammer believes that if they say “hi” first, you will start suspecting them. So, they wait for potential clients to be the first to say “Hello” to them.

Always give enough time to be friends with your client

Most cons don’t make the mistake of being in a hurry to bill their clients using the woman to man dating format. They always give their client time to know them and fall in love with them very well. They give the client the hope of being with them and making them happy.

After this, the con can now either use any of the following formats to bill them.

  • Teacher in UAE that wants to come to America
  • House rent expiration
  • Credit Card Information
  • Money to buy a dress
  • Gift Card billing

Dating Sites to Meet Clients and Bill Them


How to bill a client in dating.

If you follow the steps below, you can tell how con men use the dating billing format to bill any client. Let’s check out my research:

Get to Know the Client Naturally

A scammer won’t rush the seduction process when building up the atmosphere to scam you. If they start rushing to know every single thing about you, the client, within a day, it will become obvious that they are a scammer and looking to steal your information and money. They’d rather make the flow seem natural, and let you naturally develop a real love for them.

Build Trust

A scammer won’t act in any way that will make you start doubting them in any form. They’d always be busy so you won’t have time to start calling them on video calls, trying to find out who they are. They’ll never act suspicious; if you have any doubt, they’ll try to get things straight as fast as possible.

Do a Favour

Doing a favor can come in any form such as helping you achieve something, sending you gifts, or even advising you on a problem you are facing. But the fact is that when a scammer gives (sensibly), they are depositing emotions, which you might be forced to remember in the long run. Before scammer bills (or collects money) a client in dating, they make sure to do you a favor they can afford.

Bill on a Low First

A scammer understands that it wouldn’t be nice just waking up one morning and billing you, they know you may not have much money. So, they usually take it one step at a time, ask for something small initially (something that wouldn’t cost much), then increase it as time goes on.

Ask for a Larger Amount

The thumb rule is that when you have given a scammer once, you’d give them again. Once they’ve collected a smaller amount of money from their client the first time, they consider it reasonable to go for a larger sum, depending on the strategy they are using.

Maintain Relationship

The secret to continuous billing is maintaining relationships and keeping their clients happy. As long as you are happy and trust the scammer, they believe you will continue to give them money.


Now that you have known how scammers use the dating format, I will now update you with a list of other billing formats that cons also use to collect money from clients.

I can’t update all the other billing formats here, so you can visit the billing format page for other types of scamming formats these individuals use to disturb the internet.

Scamming Format Video

Make Sure You play this video where the scamming format is being discussed:



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