[EP] Dempagumi.inc - Denpakashic Record Download MP3 320K/FLAC 24/48/HI-RES

Dempagumi.inc – Denpakashic Record

Dempagumi.inc – Denpakashic Record
でんぱ組.inc – でんぱぁかしっくれこーど

Dempagumi.inc has released an EP based on the Denpa song, which is the origin of the group’s name! Hyadain covered the songs of the legendary two-person performer unit “FICE”, which has been performed many times, and summoned the phantom song “Kiss ~Love Love Chu~”, which could not be heard even in subscriptions, to the present age.

ARM (IOSYS), who continued to boast charismatic popularity in the doujin music scene in the 2000s and recently made a big hit on TikTok with the phrase “My footwork is misaraseya”, is a radio song for future otaku. Co-produced with world heavyweight MOSAIC.WAV.

Since 2010, he has been active as a contributor of “singing” videos on video sharing sites, and in June 2022, he also recorded newly written songs by artist Mafumafu, who held a two-day live at Tokyo Dome. An overwhelming range and gorgeous lineup, including the pre-delivery single “Denpatitekoze!!” arranged by Tamaya 2060% (Wienners), who has created many killer tunes in Dempagumi’s music. Produced by a team of creators.

Since 2007, Dempagumi.inc has been expressing “Dempa Songs” under the theme of “Delivering Moe Kyun Songs to the World”. EP work! The bonus DVD includes the making of the music video and the “1st Dempagumi Shikkizu Taikai” which includes a quiz competition between members related to Dempagumi and Akihabara.

Song Details

Artist Dempagumi.inc
Audio Format MP3 320kbps / RAR / ZIP
Release Date December 14th, 2022
File Password jpopmix

[EP] BLUELOCK Character Song Mini Album Vol.1


1 でんぱぁかしっくれこーど
2 でんぱっていこーぜ!!
3 我ら令和のかえるちゃん!
4 接吻~らぶらぶ□ちゅ~
5 オーギュメンテッドおじいちゃん