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grape – Grape Sensation

Audio Format: MP3 320kbps / RAR
Release Date: 2023.02.15

1. Song Creation
2. Name of Dreams
3. Engiriji Temple
4. Leave You Without Waiting for Spring
5. Heaven Chrysanthemum
6. Muenzaka 7.
Gestalt Collapse
8. Spring Breeze
9. Flower Festival
10. Spirit Flow

Formed on November 3, 1972, the legendary folk duo “Grape” by Masashi Sada and Masami Yoshida, who made their record debut on October 25, 1973 and celebrated their 50th anniversary in 2022. 47 years since the release of the single “Muenzaka” and the album “Communication” released on November 25, 1975, Grape’s latest work will be released! Original full album including 3 newly recorded songs. (C)RS


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Release: 2023.02.15