How Does Snap Score Work


American company Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat Inc., created the multimedia instant messaging software and service known as Snapchat. The fact that photographs and messages on Snapchat typically only remain viewable for a brief period of time before they are no longer accessible to their recipients is one of its key characteristics.

How does snap score work?

On your profile settings, tapping the profile picture in the top-left corner will reveal a number beneath your name and photo. Snap score is the number of snaps you send to other users. You receive a point when sending a snap and another when you receive it.

According to my research, you don’t even need Snapchat stories because your activity on the Snapchat app is what determines how much you earn.

To tell the whole picture, in addition to explaining how Snap score actually works, this article will show you how to raise your score.

How to view your snap score


To view your snap score, all you need to do is click your profile photo in the top-right corner of the Snapchat home screen, as we’ve already mentioned. After that, you’ll be taken to your profile page.

The number that appears next to your profile picture and name is your snap score. To reveal two numbers, tap on it. The one on the right displays the quantity of “Snaps” you have received, whilst the one on the left displays the quantity of “Snaps” you have sent.

If you think that the sum of these two figures is the same as the overall Snap Score, you are surely mistaken. The following elements are taken into consideration by Snapchat while calculating the snap score.

  • Number of Snaps Sent
  • Number of Snaps Received
  • The number of Discover videos you watch
  • How frequently you use the App
  • How well you maintain Snap Streaks
  • The number of Stories you posted
  • Total number of Friends you have

Remember that these “factors” are only illustrations of the main components that Snapchat may consider while calculating your Snap Score. The general population is unaware of the algorithm’s true reasoning.

On other websites, likes, upvotes, and retweets are not similar to the Snap Score. It is unrelated to how well-liked your articles or any of your other stuff are. The primary factor that we can associate with Snap Score is the user’s Snapchat activity log.

Why do you need snap score?

Your Snapchat activity is tracked by your Snap score. A higher snap score does not provide any special advantages in terms of rewards. It does not reveal any unlocked Snapchat features. Simply put, the snap score is a fun number that represents your Snapchat activity.

What the significance of Snap Score is at this point may be a question in your mind. If brands see your snap score and recognize you as an influencer, they may suggest you feature their items (or striving to be one).

After all, a higher snap score often denotes that a user is really active on Snapchat and has taken many “Snaps.”

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Can I buy a Snap score?

Never believe websites that claim to let you purchase a higher Snapchat score. Without interacting with you on the app, no one can raise your score for you.

Snapchat would detect any suspicious behaviour right away and ban all associated accounts, including yours, if they did. The majority of these websites won’t even make an effort to raise your score; instead, they’ll just take your money.

How much could your Snapchat score increase?

As of the present moment, the Snapchat score can reach 1 million, indicating that the user is consistently using the app.

How come my Snapchat score doesn’t update?

Your score can not be updated because Snapchat servers are having some problems. To allow the score to update, you will need to wait for a while.

How to increase your snap score

If you want to raise your snap score, you must use Snapchat more often. But here are some tips to help you improve your Snapchat ranking. below is the require steps

1. Send snaps to several people at once

Instead of uploading your images to your story, send each of your pals a snap message. You’ll use Snapchat more regularly and maintain a social life by doing this. If you interact more with the app, you might get more points.

2. Be Reliable and Innovative When Sending Snaps

A basic image is insufficient, thus it’s critical to use your images to investigate. Try experimenting with text, GIFs, stickers, and other tweaks to improve your opportunities. If you don’t, your pals can become sick of receiving your frequent snaps and stop reading them.

3. Add more friends

You can fundamentally enhance your Snapchat activity by adding new friends, but you’ll need their Snapcode to do so. Connect with them on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media platform before connecting on Snapchat to raise your Snapchat score.

4. Try not to send direct messages

Understanding that responding to friends directly won’t raise your Snapchat score is essential for users of the app. Instead, it’s ideal to respond with a Snap or an image.

As a result, both your activity and Snapchat score will rise.

5. Open snaps more often

A Snap will raise your overall Snap score, so never neglect one. It won’t be a good idea to disregard the snap, whether or not the information applies to you.

Try sending more Snapchats and checking your inbox more often.

6. Add stories to your Snapchat profile

Although uploading stories doesn’t improve your Snapchat rating, it does motivate you to use it more regularly. Snapchat might be able to help you by giving you some brownie points for the increased activity on its app.

7. View more discover videos

The Snapchat app features popular creators’ videos and stories in a dedicated section. You can enhance your activity and potentially your Snap score by regularly watching them.

8. Play more games on Snapchat

Snap ah balls are the official name for Snapchat games. You can earn as many points as you want by playing selfie games with your pals. Your Snap score will undoubtedly go up as a result.