How To Create Stealth PayPal Account 2023 that Works [Tutorial]

How To Create Stealth PayPal Account

If you live outside of the US or in a nation where PayPal is not supported, you want to learn how to create a stealth PayPal account. This useful guidance is especially necessary for Use inhabitants who desire to blend in.

You would eventually require a PayPal account because there isn’t a current universal substitute. Additionally, you could occasionally want to remain anonymous, for example, by opening an account with a fictitious bank account.

This stealth PayPal instruction may be what you need if your goal is to do an unlawful activity while still receiving the funds. However, this website disclaims all liability for your use of this frank and instructive guidance.

Creating and selling these accounts is another way to generate income. People will even purchase US phone numbers that are simple to obtain as well as PVA PayPal accounts. So, this is a chance for you to create, sell, and profit.

What is a stealth PayPal account?

A PayPal account that is created using a phony ID other than your original is known as a stealth PayPal account. The account policy of PayPal normally prohibits this kind of account since it differs significantly from a real account.

You need a VPN to use a hidden PayPal account because it requires a different IP address for management and access. For as long as the account is open, the VPN must be specific in order to keep PayPal in the dark.

If your PayPal account was recently suspended, you’ll need a stealth account to regain access to the service and resume sending and receiving money right away.

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How to create stealth PayPal account

You now know what stealth PayPal is all about. So, how do you create a working stealth PayPal account?

1. Generate a fake ID

There are many websites out there you can use to generate a fake ID. One such is Fake Name Generator—

Use this website to generate a US or European name for your stealth PayPal account. Copy and save the generated data in a txt or text file.

2. Get a VOIP (Voice over IP)

You need the Dingtone app—available on Android and iOS stores. Dingtone will give you a permanent number, as long as you pay the annual fee. It is the perfect app you need for your stealth PayPal to work.

3. Buy a US phone number

Dingtone sells US phone numbers. I am unable to provide the current price because it is subject to change.

Purchase a US phone number with the same area code that you generated for the fictitious address, if at all possible.

Be aware that not all phone numbers are compatible with PayPal. Perhaps the previous user’s access to the platform was terminated. However, the phone numbers frequently function. With the numbers, you should be able to make numerous accounts.

4. Open a PayPal account

The following action is to register for a PayPal account on Use the information you created on the ID generator website and the Dingtone-purchased phone number.

To finish the registration, double check the phone number and email address.

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5. Keep the Dingtone app

Keep the Dingtone app installed because PayPal requires it to authenticate your phone each time you check in.

To earn free offers for app credits, make sure to frequently log into Dingtone because the messages you receive will cost you credits. Additionally, you may earn credits by downloading games, watching advertisements, and more.

If you opened your PayPal account with a US address but don’t reside there, you don’t always need to utilize a VPN.

Your covert PayPal account is now prepared to send, receive, or make online payments for goods and services.

Steps to withdraw money from stealth PayPal account

Sending money to someone who has a functioning PayPal account is the easiest way to withdraw money from a stealth PayPal account. The second option is to authenticate your PayPal account and send money through a freelancing website.

1. Open accounts for freelancers

A “buyer” and “seller” freelancer account is required. To avoid the platform noticing, create the freelancer accounts on different days. When you quickly pay your seller account using your buying account and the covert PayPal, people might assume you’re trying to launder money.

Everything must be carried out naturally. Both freelance accounts must to have unique names. Try to log into both accounts using different VPNs.

2. Begin the procedure

Upwork is an excellent illustration of a website to utilize for freelancing work because it enables users to invite their clients to the system.

Now invite your buyer account using your seller Upwork account. Since your seller account sent the invitation, Upwork may not charge any fees when you pay it.

Bank withdrawal with stealth PayPal

From your PayPal account, you can transfer money to a bank account. You must, however, confirm the PayPal account or remove the restrictions.

Verify your PayPal by obtaining verification documents using SecondEye. There’s a chance that your account will be restricted because you have money in it.

The only time you typically enter personal data for your stealth PayPal is when you register for the Dingtone phone number.

Reasons to create a stealth PayPal account

A stealth PayPal guarantees your anonymity in addition to serving as a fallback in the event that your regular PayPal account is suspended or PayPal is prohibited in your nation.

It is still suggested to utilize a dedicated IP VPN even though you can access a stealth PayPal with any IP by using the method in this guide.

While your account continues to function as a typical PayPal account, you would also have more online protection and privacy.

For online privacy and security, you should do every transaction while your VPN service is running.

Additionally, a VPN guarantees that you won’t encounter verification issues while traveling domestically or internationally. To start sending and receiving money through your covert PayPal account, you simply need to set your VPN to the new location.