[Album] Ichikei no Karasu Original Soundtrack Download MP3 320K/FLAC 24/48/HI-RES

Ichikei no Karasu Original Soundtrack

Takayuki Hattori – Ichikei no Karasu Original

Song Details

Artist Takayuki Hattori
Audio Format MP3 320kbps / RAR / ZIP
Release Date January 18th, 2023
File Password jpopmix


[Album] Onmyo-Za – Ryuo Doji

1. Crow of Ichikei -ReMix-
2. Prologue ~Crisis~
3. Incident Outbreak
4. Omomo Kororin Riot
5. Flower Shop in the Shopping District
6. Sprint
7. Full Smile
8. Michio Appears
9. Testimony -ReMix-
10. Occurrence of Incident! -ReMix- 11.
Shadow of a Creepy Man
12. Factory at Night
13. Escape with Full Power
14. Warm Space
15. VS State Power
16. Stagnant
17. Michio’s Anger
18. Sudden Development! Precious
20. Whereabouts of the Trial
21. Chasing Fear
22. One For All ~Piano Version~
23. Judgment -ReMix-
24. Deep Sorrow
25. Sudden Development to Resolution
26. Michio VS Unjo
27. Destiny Battle
28. Truth of the Incident
29. Precious Hometown
30. Clash of Justice
31. Correct Judgment -ReMix-
32. One For All -ReMix-

The unconventional judge Michio Iruma is finally on the screen!! The original soundtrack of the movie “Ichikei no Crow”. (C)RS