Lasaco Assurance Plc – What You Should Know

Lasaco Assurance Plc

Everything you need to know about LASACO ASSURANCE PLC is included in this article.

About LASACO Assurance

An insurance provider with a focus on composite insurance is called LASACO Assurance. This indicates that business provides insurance services for numerous types and forms of insurance, rather than just one. It is a business that also offers financial services.

The business, which is among the oldest insurance companies in the nation, was founded on December 20, 1979.

The company, then known as Lagos State Assurance Company Limited, received its operating insurer license on July 7, 1980, and officially started operations on August 1st of that same year.

In 1991, Lagos State Assurance Company Limited changed its legal status from a limited liability business to a public liability company as a result of growth.

In the business and industry of insurance and unique risks, it has grown to be a key player. The business has a substantial capital foundation, assets, business coverage, profitability, and size, and it has now diversified into other industries like real estate and financial services.

Management and team structure

LASACO Assurance conducts its business all over the country.

Furthermore, these operations and services are carried out by qualified personnel with a dedication to providing nothing but quality.

What products does LASACO offer?

LASACO’s insurance services consist of general insurance products and life & investment products.

They cover an array of events, like burglary, fire, motor, aviation, marine, personal accident, money, bond, professional indemnity, householder’s insurance and life insurance. The company also offers non-insurance services, like real estate services, and investment opportunities.

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How to buy a policy at Lasaco Assurance

You can buy an insurance policy from lasaco either through

1 an agent or a broker,
2 buying online via their website
3 or by visiting any of their offices near you

How to process claims at LASACO Assurance Plc

There are various ways to process your insurance claim at LASACO Assurance. You can process your applications through the following methods;

1 Online –log on to the website, download the claim form and complete it. Then submit it to LASACO by email
2 Telephone – call LASACO directly via phone on 07000LASACO or 07000527226 and speak to the customer agent.
3 You can as well download the claim form, fill it and visit any of the LASACO offices to submit it.
4 You can also claim by submitting it to your insurance broker.

Ways to reach LASACO Assurance

You can always reach LASACO via their customer service and operational branches.

LASACO Assurance conducts its businesses and operations through a web of regional and branch offices.

It has about thirteen of them spread across the country, with all offering the same quality and dedication that is associated with LASACO Assurance’s brand image. The company is headquartered in Lagos at Plot 16, Acme Road, Ogba, Ikeja.

You can also reach them via email or telephone.


In Nigeria, one of the first brands was LASACO.

If you’re searching for an insurance coverage, you should think about LASACO because it has established itself as being of the highest reliability and quality.