Linkage Assurance – Everything you Need to Know

The insurance provider Linkage Assurance has remained committed to providing its clients with cutting-edge products that address their specific needs.

This has made the organization one of Nigeria’s most reputable providers of insurance for Nigerians.

What is Linkage Assurance

In 1991, Linkage Assurance was founded and incorporated. However, they did not yet have the necessary licenses to deal in non-life insurance. However, the company received a license to do non-life insurance services on October 7, 1993.

In order to grow, the business combined in 2007 with Central Insurance Company Limited. The goal of this merger was to provide all of its customers with better, higher-quality service. But this was also a result of the Federal Government’s consolidation reforms.

Linkage Assurance now has a shareholders fund of 23 billion naira, and in the next years, it is anticipated to experience rapid growth.

Linkage Assurance Management Team Structure

A director/chief executive officer leads Linkage Assurance’s board of directors, which is itself led by the director. The Executive Director of the technical division comes next, followed by the General Manager of Marketing.

The heads of Oil and Gas, Internal Audit, Strategy and Business Development, Human Capital, Chief Technology Consultant, and Head ERM/Chief Compliance Official make up the management structure.

Product Offering

Linkage Assurance offers non-life insurance options listed below:

1 Automobile insurance
2 Health insurance
3 Property insurance
4 Marine insurance
5 Aviation insurance
6 General accident insurance i.e. fidelity guarantee, money insurance, and goods in transit

The company also offers bonds, oil, and gas special risks insurance and insurance that covers engineering activities.

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Claims processing

Typically, Linkage Assurance does not put an official period in processing claims but admits that it will process all claims as quickly as possible. They boast of a 96% rate of claim settlements

How to get started with Linkage Assurance

You must first determine the type of insurance coverage you require. It could be a form of property insurance, health insurance, or auto insurance.

You will then interact with an agent and make an appointment to thoroughly discuss your needs, whatever they may be.

Linkage Assurance recognition and ratings

The business has received accolades, recognitions, and ratings as a result of its dedication to offering clients and the country as a whole top-notch professional services. Here are a few examples of such honors.

According to Augusto & Co.’s 2018 evaluations, Linkage Assurance has been awarded the A- Status as an insurer in recognition of their high-quality services. Additionally, the insurance provider received the Pearl Award for Sectoral Leadership in the insurance sector in 2018.

Additionally, as the greatest contributing employer in 2014, it won the Industrial Training Fund (ITF) award for “Best Human Resources Development.”

How to reach Linkage Assurance

Send an email to or give them a call at their toll-free numbers, 07005465243 and 070054652273, to get in touch with Linkage. You can also travel to one of their offices, which are located in places like Lagos, Uyo, Abuja, Kaduna, Enugu, Aba, Calabar, Warri, and others.


Linkage Assurance is regarded as one of Nigeria’s pioneering insurance firms and has grown to become one of the nation’s most dependable, trustworthy, and effective insurers.