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Mirage Collective – Mirage

The new song “Mirage” by “Mirage Collective”, which was produced by STUTS, will be broadcast from October 24th (Monday). Masami Nagasawa will star in a serial drama for the first time in four and a half years. 10 Selected as the theme song for the drama “Elpis – Hope or Disaster -“! A music group “Mirage Collective” that has not been revealed except for STUTS! (C) RS

Song Details

Artist Mirage Collective
Audio Format MP3 320kbps / RAR / ZIP
Release Date December 21th, 2022
File Password jpopmix

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1. Mirage Op.1
2. Mirage Op.2 (feat. 長澤まさみ)
3. Mirage Op.3 – Collective ver.
4. Mirage Op.4 – Collective ver. (feat. 長澤まさみ)
5. Mirage Op.5 – tofubeats Remix (feat. 長澤まさみ)
6. Mirage Op.6 (feat. 長澤まさみ, 眞栄田郷敦)
7. Mirage Op.7 – Collective Live ver.
8. Mirage Op.8 – SUMIN Remix
9. Mirage Op.9 – Omar S Remix
10. Mirage Op.10 (instrumental)
11. Mirage Op.11 – Collective ver. (instrumental)