Top 4 Nigeria Credit Cards That Work For International Payment

Top 4 Nigeria Credit Cards That Work For International Payment

Nigeria Credit Cards That Work For International Payment

Early this year (2022), the Central bank of Nigeria (CBN) banned local Masters, and Visa debit cards from any International payment. Since this implementation, some Nigerians, majorly online shoppers, have been facing difficulties in making payments for their goods online, using Nigerian debit cards.

The world today is digitalized, and almost all we do these days is majorly online, both payments and some others services in the tech world. Since the ban on the use of debit cards in Nigeria to shop on International websites, the only solution provided for this is getting a credit card, also known as a domiciliary account from any of the commercial banks in Nigeria.

In this post, I will be introducing 4 credit cards in Nigeria, which can be used for any International payment at all times, without facing any difficulties.


UBA Credit Card

mastercard credit

The United Bank For Africa (UBA) Credit card is one of the credit cards you can use in making payments on any International website. To obtain this credit card from UBA, all you have to do is to walk into any of the UBA branches near your location and request this card. You don’t need to have an account with UBA before getting this card from them. After getting this card from UBA, the next step is to fund this card with dollars, then it can be used to shop on any International website.

GTBank Dollar Card

GTBank Dollar Card

The Guaranty Trust Bank (GTB) Dollar card is also one of the cards you can use in shopping on any International website. To request this card, all you need to do is walk into any GTbank Branches near you and request to Open a Domiciliary account, then this card will be issued to you after the success of the opening of the Domiciliary account. To fund your GTbank Dollar account, you need to buy dollars from the Bureau De Change (Black Market) and deposit them in your dollar account.

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Providus Bank Classic Card

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The Providus Bank Classic can also be used in making payments on any of the International websites. To obtain this card from Providus Bank, walk into any of the Providus Bank Branches and request this card. After the success of getting the card, fund the card and start using it for any International payment.

Chippercash Virtual Dollar Card

Chipper Virtual Dollar card

The Chippercash Virtual Dollar Card also works on any International payment. To request this card from Chippercash, all you is a Chipperchas App on your phone. Register with Chippercash on their app, verify your account KYC, fund your account, and then request the Virtual Dollar Card on the App. One thing about the Chippercash Virtual Dollar card is, you will be charged based on what dollar rates are in the black market.


These are the credit cards in Nigeria that can be used in making payments on any International website. There are still some other credit cards from various Commercial banks in Nigeria, but why I mentioned these four, is because I have used them and confirmed their services. Trust me, they won’t fail you when using.


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