Nigeria's Top 5 Mobile Insurance Companies

Top mobile insurance companies have developed ways to protect customers from worrying about potential phone hazards as a result of expanding phone risks.

Mobile insurance coverage is unique to Nigeria in that it includes a package that covers both mobile phones and home appliances.

You’ll see that practically everyone has a smartphone as you go past five people. Although fashionable and refined, it is delicate.

No matter the brand, whether the phone is made of glass or rock, it is nearly impossible to be the ideal handler. It’s a good idea to protect your phone by purchasing insurance.

What’s Mobile Insurance in Nigeria?

In Nigeria, the mobile insurance sector has grown in scope. A nation with a large number of mobile phone users must stock the market with an enormous number of devices.

As an illustration, if you want to insure your expensive mobile phone, you must also include other home goods like your television, refrigerator, laptop, artwork, and other equipment. This package simply protects you from the risks associated with the personal appliances essential to your well-being; it does not need you to get home insurance.

In order to make mobile insurance inclusive of itself, phone companies have also cooperated with insurance groups. Either acquiring phone insurance or using additional caution with your phone will solve the problem.

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Top 5 Mobile Insurance Companies in Nigeria

1. Samsung Phone Protection Plus

The insurance program Protection Plus from the smartphone manufacturer Samsung covers cracked screens and other problems that may happen while using your phone. Think back to a time when the idea of purchasing a Samsung phone made your heart skip as you considered the afterthought of purchasing a new screen. Now that you have this plan, you are covered.

But it only applies to their flagship models. For more information, visit this Samsung online store in Nigeria.

2. IGI Phone Insurance

Industrial And General Insurance Plc,(IGI) partnered with Slot Systems Limited in 2015 to provide insurance protection for mobile phones. The plan offers protection against screen damage in relation to the price of phone displays. The brands that are covered include Sony, LG, Apple, Samsung, HTC, and Apple. Has anyone ever been able to change a Samsung screen without considering the cost? I don’t think so. Such a danger is covered by this screen damage insurance.

3. Jumia Phone Insurance

In partnership with AXA Mansard, you can buy an insurance plan on Jumia. This plan covers liquid and screen damage. The cost of the plan depends on the price of the phone purchased.

4. Konga Phone Insurance

The company has a gadget protection plan sponsored by Cornerstone Insurance Plc. It covers the screen, audio port, water, power port, and keyboard damage. Konga has coverage for laptops too as the keyboard damage indicates.

5. Pointek Phone Insurance

Phone theft is something that almost all phone owners can relate to. This accident is covered by these insurance policies. It’s unfortunate because many people today invest a lot of money in their phones.

The 3310 and “touch light” phones are only used by a small number of people; smartphones are widely used but are not inexpensive. It is very acceptable to feel hurt if it is taken.

Finally, be aware that some of these brands only function on recently purchased phones. However, their service is useful, particularly if you have a pricey phone. Go to their official website to get any of this insurance.