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Sachika Misawa – REMEDY

Sachika Misawa / 三澤紗千香 – REMEDY

Sachika Misawa, the voice actress who has gained a lot of attention as the voice of Sakura Bakushinoh in the popular game app “Uma Musume Pretty Derby”, will be releasing a best-hits album to mark the 10th anniversary of her CD debut! Music that will be a person’s “prescription” is scattered. In addition, the newly drawn new song is produced by Ryoma Kako following the previous work. It is a song with the theme of liberation from “loneliness” clumsiness “anxiety”. (C)RS

Album Details

Artist Sachika Misawa
Audio Format MP3 320kbps / RAR / ZIP
Release Date December 21th, 2022
File Password jpopmix

[Album] Sister Original Soundtrack


1. キセキなんじゃない?
2. 透明人間
3. フェイス
4. I Wanna Be
5. ユナイト
6. 歌うよ
7. I’m here
8. この手は
9. 世界が私を呼ぶから
10. インフィニア
11. フラッグ
12. リンクス