[Album] She is Legend - Job for a Rockstar Download MP3 320K/FLAC 24/48/HI-RES

She is Legend – Job for a Rockstar

Heaven Burns Red: She is Legend – Job for a Rockstar

A full-length album that contains all the emotions of the 31A unit standing on the front line, including the bravery, sorrow, and release of frustration.

The band in the smartphone game “Heaven Burns Red”, She is Legend’s full album. XAI is in charge of vocals for Tsukika Kayamori, Konomi Suzuki is in charge of Karen Asakura’s vocals, and ayumu (Serenity In Murder) is in charge of Karen’s scream.

The sound producer is Jun Maeda of Key, who also serves as the main scenario of this work.

Album Details

Artist Heaven Burns Red
Audio Format MP3 320kbps / RAR / ZIP
Release Date December 14th, 2022
File Password jpopmix

Nijisanji Presented Their First Album Tagged “UP 2 YOU”


1. Burn My Soul
2. Dance! Dance! Dance!
3. Pain in Rain
4. オーバーキル
5. 過眠症
6. War Alive~時にはやぶれかぶれに~
7. Before I Rise (Acoustic Ver.)
8. Judgement Day
9. 終末のヒーロー
10. Muramasa Blade!
11. ありふれたBattle Song~いつも戦闘は面倒だ~
12. 贅沢な感情
13. Goodbye Innocence

Vocals: XAI, Konomi Suzuki, Ryoko Maekawa, Anju Inami, Yurina Amami, Aoi Koga