The Gold Format for Yahoo 2022 – Investigating Method

Yahoo Gold Format 2022/2023 - Format For Scamming Client

Yahoo Gold Format

You’ve probably never heard of the gold format for client, but as part of the goal of this blog, I choose to investigate it. This scamming pattern has actually been around for a while, but you might not have been aware that it was illegal. People continue to utilize it online today, and I have seen reports of victims made online.

The invoicing format is the gold format for scamming, and it allows a con artist to steal more than 20,000 dollars from a client in a single week. Be careful out there because it is one of the most difficult formats but also one of the most useful for invoicing you as clients.

According to Richiyo on Reddit, “The gold format is the billing component that happens after you have used the love format or dating format to make your client love you.” An imposter will use the dating format to pique clients’ interest in them, but they must use another format to bill the client, as I previously mentioned in the starter post on how to become a yahoo boy, where I exposed how people attempt to commit yahoo scam.

In order to commit fraud utilizing the gold format, you must be knowledgeable enough to respond to inquiries, persuade your target, and have the audacity to demand an absurd sum of money.

The objective is to earn their confidence and affection so that you can easily influence them and persuade them to give you money. It essentially sheds light on this.

Let’s get right to the specifics of how to utilize the Gold format. Knowing this will enable you to safeguard yourself against the shadowy aspects of the internet.

Gold Format for Scamming?

Gold is typically discovered in huge quantities in one particular region of the world, namely Africa. In many situations, the western and central regions of Africa contain sizable gold deposits.

My research into this con has revealed that the first step is to appear as an investor and win your customer over. Then, persuade them to make a relationship and future-building commitment to you.

As a pretend investor, you will eventually need to let your customer know that you are heading to Africa to submit a plan for gold mining. As long as you have the format to support it, you can select any country you want.

Another anonymous comment I utilized to get the data for this study suggested that you need to let your client know that you’ve received 10 proposals and that you’ll need 6 investors. However, you will be screening them to identify those who meet your requirements.

Your criteria should fit the following people:

1 Close friends/partners.
2 People you can trust.
3 Friends who won’t make noise about the deal.
4 Friends who can have an eye for long-term gains.
5 And finally, friends who can spare just Ten Thousand Dollars for just 6 months.

In most cases, a client would become interested and would want to invest. From there on, a swindler can continue with the rest of the billing by providing an account number to receive money from the client. Then enjoy their loot.

Let’s look at how to use the use Gold format for scamming in detail so you understand how scammers can really run this scam format, then protect yourself when engaging with people online.

How to Use the Gold Format

This step will show you a more practical approach to using the gold format for yahoo and getting money from the clients. Note that this research is thorough and does not leave out any important aspect of what professional scammers do when using the gold format.

Below are the steps I have uncovered:

Get a client

This is a major hassle for most hustlers because they don’t know where to get clients. But the main thing remains that this is the most important step for them.

They need a client first before thinking of the format to use for the client. Without a client, there is nobody to bill or use the format for.

Generally, swindlers know getting a client is hard; that is why they prefer dating sites like the ones I mentioned here to educate the general public. I will still be adding more to the list, so you can always check back to see a list of new dating sites that I have investigated to see that more scammers are flooding into them and signing up.

Menstruation Billing Format 2022

Create Instant Rapport

From what I have seen on most posts, one will need to create rapport by easily trying to manipulate them. Then go through her profile (i.e., the client’s profile) and check out their likes, dislikes, and what they are comfortable and uncomfortable with. They make it clear that this would be a long-distance relationship with the prospect of meeting up in the next 3 months.

Chaplainer91 on Twitter commented on my thread, “Check out their zodiac sign and match it up with yours immediately. Let the client feel that the universe sent you to make their lives better.”

“I have done this over and over again, and it is so simple,” he added. This means that you need to understand some basic human behavior to know how to manipulate a client, which I exposed in one of my numerous web scam-busting guides to ensure your personal security.

Create a Wonderful Bio

Other professional yahoo boys generally suggest that “Your bio will save you lots of stress if you make it open that you don’t engage in small talks and little things like video calling and all.”

From this investigation, one can tell that you are a guy and should be in charge of the conversation (that’s when a con is pretending to be a male gender). If they don’t make video calls and phone calls obvious, they can’t use the gold format for scamming.

The typical online bio could read something like:

“Successful 8-figure investor, exploring rich mineral resources around the world and living my best life. I am looking for a beauty to join me soon enough. Is that You? Let me know.”

Qualify Your Client

You’re probably wondering what this means. Well, my research shows qualifying your client means getting to know them well and what they do. A scammer wants a rich client, not a client that is broke and looking for money.

A perfect client would have investments and is willing to spend money on something good. “If your client is investment savvy and looking to make more money, they will be perfect for you,” says a user on Sub Reddit.

I tried to cover as many yahoo questions in an article that someone can ask. So, if you happen to be a target or victim, look out for these questions.

Gain Your Client Trust

Not every client will trust them, so they need lots of clients and every document they need to show the client that you are legit.

The following is a comment from Brandyt:

Inform your client that you are out of phone and video communication until you return to your country. If your client is in the UK, you can claim to be an American. If the client is from Europe, you can claim to be an American or from the UK. But if the client is from America, make claims to be a British Citizen.

You will need to show your client some proposals you will be submitting to the government. Also, you will need to show your client the letter of approval from the government to start mining gold in their country.

All these will help you create trust with your client so that when it’s time for billing, everything will be easy and smooth.

Bill Your Client

The next step I uncovered was the billing stage where a client’s money is being swindled in the name of gold investment.

Narrating from a swindler’s perspective:

The first billing for your client would be a small amount that they will use as an investment, while the second billing would be bigger.

If you bill them a higher amount, they might not pay, which would put them off or make them scared.

But if you bill them a small amount like, let’s say, $10,000, they can easily pay the money and won’t bother you much.

After the first billing, you can contact me, and I will put you through how to bill your client the second time.

Documents You Need for Gold Format

For someone doing the gold format for billing, they usually need the following fake documents:

1 A proposal letter to the government of the country they want to mine their gold.
2 Then an acceptance letter from the government stating that they have been granted permission to mind Gold in their country will also be useful.
3 Investor agreement letter and list of investors already on board.

“These are some of the documents you need to make this format a success,” according to popular opinion.

Gold Pictures

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The essence of writing all these and spending so much money on the investigation is to give you first-hand information about the gold format. If you need further clarification, don’t forget to contact me.



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